Case Study

Winthrop Resources Corporation improves

business productivity with LeaseWave


  • Provide a centralized platform to replace disparate legacy systems and support rapid business growth
  • Improve operations by reducing manual processes and temporary workarounds
  • Reduce risk of system 'down time'


  • Implement LeaseWave to deliver one database source for all customer, lease and asset data
  • Build seamless integrations
  • Use LeaseWave to maintain a level of mission-critical, always-on performance


  • Improved overall business productivity while simultaneously growing lease portfolio by 79%
  • Improved ability to integrate acquired businesses and portfolios into operations
  • Significantly reduced redundant data entry and errors
  • Improved systemic control over financial and other information
  • Removed obsolete applications and eliminated support from outside contractors

"LeaseWave has really been bullet-proof for us" Gary Anderson, CFO, Winthrop Resources Corp.

Winthrop Resources Corporation, a whollyowned subsidiary of TCF Financial Corporation, leases technology equipmentlthcre equipment and point-of-sale devices. Its primary customers are mid-to large-sized businesses, generally spread out over multiple locations. Typical installations involve several hundred to several thousand individual assets installed at multiple locations over several months.

Winthrop's approach to this market is to build long-term relationships with customers that provide opportunities for significant repeat business. This translates into individualized care for each customer, including customized documentation, customized asset build, installation and delivery process management, customized invoice formatting and individualized customer service.